Cisgender (Cis) Guy – a guy who was simply assigned men (otherwise intersex) within delivery and idenitifies as the good cisgender guy

Cisgender (Cis) Guy – a guy who was simply assigned men (otherwise intersex) within delivery and idenitifies as the good cisgender guy

Agender – A great gender label term for many who tend to conceptualize their gender as the maybe not aligning which have people gender kinds, that have hardly any other terms and conditions one to slightly fit, rather than caring towards venture out-of gender entirely. Some individuals who will be agender understand this term in order to indicate genderless.

Bigender – An excellent gender identity name for a person distinguishing given that several genders, both additionally otherwise different between the two.

Femininity – A set of services, routines, and jobs with the girls and you can feminine, which is often expressed and you may embodied by somebody no matter what their gender otherwise beginning-tasked sex

Cisgender – Good gender term title for people whose gender identity aligns with the brand new gender name presumed predicated on the beginning-assigned sex. Cisgender somebody located experts you to definitely trans and you may nonbinary do not located. Abbreviated to help you “cis”. (See Cisgender Advantage)

Cisgender people is among the most a couple of gender identities included in the gender binary, that have “cisgender woman” as the most other regarding the digital. “Man” and you will “male” are not interchangeable.

Cisgender (Cis) Woman – a female who was tasked women (otherwise intersex) during the beginning and idenitifies as the a cisgender woman. Cisgender lady is the most a few gender identities within the gender binary, that have “cisgender people” as the most other regarding digital. “Woman” and you can “female” are not compatible.

Gender – A social build presented of the good society’s comprehension of maleness and you may femininity just like the linked to jobs, behavior, expectations, activities, identities, and you will qualities. So it name is commonly realized while the a binary, however, historically and presently, gender was expansive and you may active. The main parts of an individual’s gender is actually gender name, gender attribution, and gender term.

Gender Attribution – The fresh new work out-of attributing a great gender to another which have or versus experience with you to individuals gender identity. From inside the West society, these presumptions is rooted in our very own social comprehension of gender because a digital program and just how gender is actually socialized. Whenever Han har et godt poeng somebody’s gender pronouns is one instance of gender attribution.

Gender Affirmation Operations – Surgical treatments you to particular trans folk pursue that create congruence ranging from one’s body and you will your gender term.

Over the years, gender acceptance procedures could have been also known as sex reassignment businesses

Gender Binary – A great socially constructed gender system where gender try classified on the a couple of distinct and you can reverse groups. These gender classes are each other narrowly outlined and you can disconnected from a different sort of. They are purely enforced because of rigorous gender positions and you will criterion. After that, there is a steps built-in on category, in which one to gender, men/boys/manliness, enjoys use of strength and you will advantage and almost every other, women/girls/femininity, is actually marginalized and oppressed. These types of classifications have emerged as the immutable; those tasked men from the beginning will be identify while the guys and embody masculinity, and people tasked women on beginning would be to pick due to the fact female and you may embody femininity. Which binary system excludes nonbinary, genderqueer, and you can gender low-compliant somebody. All people are harmed by the new gender digital program, your set within the program decides the degree and high quality from spoil. The brand new gender digital is actually weaponized courtesy conquest, colonization, and you can proceeded career out-of local peoples’ countries. The fresh new gender digital experience naturally violent and you will foregrounds all the gender-depending oppression.

Gender Dysphoria – Pain and/or distress that may differ for the power, stage, and you will interval for anyone stretching in the disjuncture anywhere between one’s conceptualization of the gender and in what way themselves are. Functions as a health identity and you may analysis regarding the fresh new American Emotional Association’s (APA) Diagnostics and you may Statistical Manual (DSM-5), hence causes the newest stigmatization away from transgender identities since an emotional disorder. Clinically speaking, gender dysphoria can be obtained when a man event extreme distress related on the gender. The idea of dysphoria, as opposed to the diagnosis, is utilized appear to from the trans/nonbinary neighborhood to name their sense. Never assume all trans some one sense gender dysphoria, and never everyone views gender dysphoria as a psychological state medical diagnosis.


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